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About Classflick
Classflick allows you to share your photos, videos, audios and write-ups into your desired galleries, Classflick users following you (flickers) will be able to tell you how classic they think your post is by flicking stars on the scale of 1 star to 5 stars. Your posts can also be campaigned by flickers which will make your post to be visible to larger number of users that are not following you and your posts can also be nominated for contest awards.

Classflick also allows you to create and organise contests for free, Classflick contest create a free and fair platform in which participants of the contest will be the judge by declaring their judgement on contest post by flicking thier desired amount of stars on a post depending on how classic they think the post is and winners on contests will be selected based of the star flicks and the rules of the contest.
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